English & Thai Management Training Courses in Bangkok area




If you are a Senior Executive, leader, supervisor or middle manager, our management training can offer you the opportunity to up-skill or acquire knowledge to better manage the different roles of a manager.


Management based on common sense, knowledge of the company's business and financial management is no longer sufficient to ensure growth and sustainability of the company.

Executive & Middle Manager

The success of a company needs to be led by discerning managers who can :

  • Communicate well
  • Make the right strategic choices
  • Lead teams
  • Implement successful change
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Get all staff to adhere to the strategic choices

Our 6 main training courses in Bangkok :

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... And also our AZ Assessment & Personal development course !


Management Training

A Executive has to know how to bring employees to support of company. Personal influence, style of management, master management tools are levers to mobilize all stakeholders (employees, partners, shareholders, customers, suppliers, bankers ...).
Know how to run a meeting, conduct interviews, manage human relations ... Management requires a varied range of communication skills. Develop your skills with our management & communication training.
Our training will show you step by step the keys to be a successful manager.

OMA Thailand is a specialist in management training who can assist companies, Executive and senior managers in change management and in the professional development of their staff.


Teaching method for in-company training :


  • 1st step: Training on a theme, with case studies and simulation exercises
  • 2nd step: Intersession during which everyone implements field techniques learned
  • 3rd step: During which all trainees bring the results of their implementation ; their testimony is analysed together
  • 4th step: During which Executives support middle managers.

  This method assumes that senior management :

  • Master the techniques taught
  • Know the follow-up tools.

The goal is that management practices real and lasting change in the company.



Our English & Thai training courses are built on the basis of :

  • Personal experience of the trainer
  • And international tools and techniques appropriate for the company/organization
  • NLP Techniques for communication & management

This allows us to guarantee thorough, quality training, rich in theory and practice.


Our training courses will teach you how to ...