Management Consulting in Bangkok




The primary role of a consultant is to provide an "outside" view of the problems faced by a company. The problems encountered are various, but most are "operational".




Our consultants

come from a business environmentand are very familiar with the operational issues.

Our consultants are Thai or French nationals

Process of a mission

The steps and depends on the issues, but generally our missions last several weeks and are formulated in 4 steps :
  1. After an audit phase the consultant presents the first operational recommendations.
  2. Followed by the conduct phase of the project and the implementation of the proposed solutions.
  3. Advice and assistance is given to the company management in developing transformation strategies, adaptation and change management.
  4. Finally, the complete phase is reached when the process of organizational and managerial changes is successfully implemented (human resources, technology, finance, IT,quality management, security, etc.).  

Expertise & assistance

Our different areas include:

  • The recruitment of a new manager in line with the structure of existing management team
  • The support on new responsibilities of a manager
  • Optimizing the performance of the company, adapting the organization
  • Accompanying a function of top management
  • The development of positions and working conditions
  • Change management
  • The continuous improvement
  • The administrative
  • The customer relationship management
  • The management of human resources
  • Project management
  • Strategic thinking & corporate plan