Manage conflicts - Training in Bangkok area


Course aim

Training in conflict management can help a business gain perspective on its communication styles in difficult situations. Understand the tools of conflict management in the workplace and provide the means to effectively manage relationships. Training for conflict management at work enhances the life of the company.





Conflict management in the workplace caused by oneself

  • Awareness of distortion, interpretation the words or deeds of others
  • Bring out feelings, develop an emotional vocabulary ; identify feelings from objective interpretations
  • Increase awareness towards others, their feelings and behaviours (fear, doubt)
  • Take responsibility for feelings that arise from any situation and environment
  • Learn to express needs and feelings, in plain language
  • Practice feed back and paraphrasing and develop active listening skills
  • Learn to express and manage anger in conflicts at work
  • Manage stress, practice simple relaxation techniques


Conflict management in the workplace caused by others

  • Help the others to express observations, feelings, needs and requests
  • Learn to respond to other people's observations, feelings, needs and requests
  • Identifying needs at the origin of the sentiments expressed
  • Identify the purpose underlying confrontational behaviour
  • Bring back sincere feed back
  • Defuse anger in others


Conflict management in the workplace : tools

  • Master key communication skills
  • Identify detrimental communication (moralizing judgment, comparison, rejection of responsibility
  • Learn how to make a specific request. Respond to a request. How to say NO. How to Give an order, refocus. How to give or receive criticism. How to accept a refusal.
  • Know the basics of human functioning and use it for conflict resolution
  • Challenging the current operation to improve team innovation
  • Discover and develop four possible strategies in a conflict situation
  • Cultivate assertive behaviour
  • Manage the silence



About the training

Audience : All or manager responsible for a team, department, unit, project
Duration : 3 days, 21 hours training
Location & Date : Teams training sessions : in company - date according to your requirements
Individuals training sessions : in our place - contact us for date
Active learning : This rich and lively course, like all our courses, emphasizes active learning. It is based on strong interactivity and overviews. Each trainee will have the opportunity to experience himself through many role plays and inter personal exchanges.
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched, it is a medium used for training and as a tool for post-training work.