Manage efficient meetings - Training in Bangkok


Course aim

Encourage the active participation of members of the group, capturing their attention to achieve a result. A successful meeting is anopportunity to focus and motivate all participants. Meetings can be numerous and therefore need to be effective to be economical for the organisation. Highly participatory, this course is a comprehensive look at the challenges of a successful meeting with approaches on how to accomplish this





Meeting facilitator

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of facilitating meetings
  • Know their instinctive reactions, spontaneous speech, practice improvisation
  • Manage stress to generate a positive atmosphere during the meeting
  • Know how to say no without aggression


Meeting participants

  • Know the key behaviours of participants , manage and engage different personalities
  • Welcoming the participants to the meeting calmly and with empathy
  • Involve the group in asking questions
  • Promote exchanges in the group; ensure that everyone can express their views freely throughout the meeting.


Meeting Facilitation

  • Master the key communication skills
  • Know the different forms of meetings and their use
  • Determine the course of the meeting ; assign roles and manage time
  • Learn how to introduce topics to fascinate, how to develop to convince, how to conclude to put into action
  • Use suitable visual aids for meetings
  • Find the right words, language and context appropriate to the audience
  • Conduct the meeting with flexibility, use the principles of group dynamics
  • Conduct a debate while maintaining respectable leader and participant in the meeting
  • Incorporating humour, anecdotes, examples and metaphors
  • Define the purpose of the meeting and reach it
  • Be prepared (plan, media, hardware, organize the monitoring of the meeting)


Meeting special cases

  • Reduce generators of stress at a meeting
  • Identify meeting issues, identify allies and opponents
  • Be prepare for problems (critical objection, destabilization, manipulation)
  • Learn to speak simultaneously with others, in a complementary manner, on the same subject (co -hosting)
  • Meetings to manage project progress



About the training

Audience : All or manager responsible for a team, department, unit, project
Duration : 3 days, 21 hours training
Location & Date : Teams training sessions : in company - date according to your requirements
Individuals training sessions : in our place - contact us for date
Active learning : This rich and lively course, like all our courses, emphasizes active learning. It is based on strong interactivity and overviews. Each trainee will have the opportunity to experience himself through many role plays and inter personal exchanges.
During this course, the video is used occasionally. .
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched, it is a medium used for training and as a tool for post-training work.