Interpersonal communication skills - Training Bangkok


Course aim

Having excellent interpersonal communication skills makes an impact on the relationship and gives a better manager position. Learn the essence of good communication and why it affects the behaviour and relationship of the people you interact with.

Highly participatory, this course reveals many communication techniques.





Communication bases

  • Active listening … not easy
  • Practice the art of questioning: how to ask the right questions
  • Use different forms of paraphrasing
  • Feedback, a return of very useful information in communication
  • The importance of the objective in terms of communication
  • Know each other, (integrate characteristics, levels of understanding and expectations)
  • Barriers to good communication and remedies
  • Learn how to create a perfect relationship and how to break a bad relationship
  • Communication shows our self-image, which one ?


Nonverbal communication

  • Identify its own reactions, emotions, perceptions to different forms of communication
  • Different forms of language
  • The basis of non-verbal communication (posture, gestures, facial expressions, intonation ...)
  • Develop the sensory acuity
  • Self-awareness of breath, voice, gestures, eyes, and movements
  • Develop the congruence (consistency between verbal and non-verbal messages)
  • Use emotions and silence.


Communication techniques

  • Determine the style of communication by analysing Ned Hermann’s brain preferences
  • Identify communication techniques (framework, decoding, filters, perception, representational system nlp , predicates)
  • Recognize the importance of the frame of reference and filters
  • Distinguish FOF (facts, opinions, feelings)
  • Know the principle of DOG (distortion, omission, generalization)
  • Introduction to NVC (nonviolent communication)


About the training

Audience : Any person, (manager, or employee) having to improve communication
Duration : 3 days, 21hours training
Location & Date : Teams training sessions : in company - date according to your requirements
Individuals training sessions : in our place - contact us for date
Active learning : This rich and lively course, like all our courses, emphasizes active learning. It is based on strong interactivity and overviews. Each trainee will have the opportunity to experience himself through many role plays and inter personal exchanges.
During this course, the video is used occasionally.
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched, it is a medium used for training and as a tool for post-training work.