Behavioural assessment questionnaire



The purpose of this test is to :

  • first become aware of your natural tendencies
  • then, to understand the unique characteristics / specificities of each profile
  • finally, to adapt and learn how to be more flexible according to aim and circumstances

This test will help you to identify your different strategies of successive adaptation, or ways to adapt to various life situations.








AZ Brain assessment

The tool " Profile AZ " is based on a typology describing behavioral 7 types : Profiles . This tool focuses on behavior and distinguishes 7 profiles.


AZ 7 profiles of the Whole Brain Thinking

A - Analytical thinking person: Logical, Objective, Decides with head, Realistic, Rational, Impersonal, Critical, Driven by thought, Factual


B - Rigorous person: Decisive, Controlled, Judge easily, Organized, Structured, Scheduled, Quick at tasks, Responsible, Makes plans


C - Prudent person: Good at finishing, Keeps to self, Quiet, Likes the details, Very good to follow procedure, Few friends, Prefer smaller groups, Independent, enjoys solitude, Thinks before speaking


O - Warrior person: Gregarious, Can fight one's case or team’s case, Energized by action, Expressive & enthusiastic, Distractable, Not easy to approach, Easily hurt, Passionate, Driven by emotion


X - Strategist person: Future-focused, Sees possibilities, Inventive, Imaginative, Deep, Abstract, Idealistic, Complicated, Theoretical


Y - Commercial person: Adaptable, Relaxed, Disorganized, Care-free, Spontaneous, Keeps options open, Procrastinates, Dislikes routine, Flexible


Z - Relational person: Decides with heart, Talkative, Has many friends, social, Dislikes conflict, Gentle, Assertive, Empathetic, Caring of others, Warm


There is no right or wrong Profile. Each has advantages in some situations and disadvantages in others. No profile is better or worse than any other. A profile is suitable or is not in a specified context. It means you will be able to act or not.

You are a mix of those 7 profiles, with an unique distribution that makes you are who you are. AZ tool will help you to understand you better and will help you to adapt better to all situations.


Use of AZ Brain Test for company :

  • Recruitment
  • Internal promotion
  • Skills assessment
  • Team building
  • Review of management and career
  • Study of values and corporate culture
  • Reinforcing a sense of community.






Benefits of AZ Brain Test for the manager :

  • Personal development
  • Coaching and support
  • Conflict management
  • Estimation of its personal values
  • Understand and adhere to the objectives and tasks
  • Self-management and stress
  • Strengthen its participation in a team.


About the AZ Behavioral Assessment Test

Content : This tool focuses on personality in its 7 dimensions as well as on ways of adapting them to work. This test presents each of the 7 AZ Profiles through : Its state of mind - Its concern - Its purpose - Its risk - Its strengths and weaknesses - Its attitudes - Its stress management - Its communication - Its relational mode - Its contributions to the company - Its management style - Its special fields and favorite jobs & business - Its main professional skills - The benefits for itself
Duration : ½ h test on line + 3 hours collective training + 2 hours individual training (upon request) + X hours follow up of action plan (upon request)
Approach : AZ tool used in individual coaching:
  • 1. the coachee completes an online behavioural questionnaire (90 questions)
  • 2. the coach presents the 7 profiles and the coachee’s profile
  • 3. analysis with the coach of strengths and weaknesses, communication …
  AZ tool used in collective training:
  • 1. the trainees complete an online behavioural questionnaire (90 questions)
  • 2. the trainer presents the 7 profiles and each trainee discovers its own profile
  • 3. the course uses practical exercises, case studies, and small group discussions to explore leadership, communications skills in relation with each profile
  • 4. presentation of a summary by the participants
  Participants understand very quickly how they can directly use those learnings in their careers :
  • career guidance : making good choices
  • self-knowledge : personal development
  • knowledge of other : manager teams and manage human relations.
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched ; it is a medium used for coaching and as a tool for post-course work.