Public speaking & how to convince - Training Bangkok


Course aim

Capture audience's attention, and create interest … easy or not ? Learn how to talk to different audiences, large learn how to talk about yourselves, about your job, about your results, while remaining natural.

Nowadays a manager should be able to speak in many situations.

Highly participatory, this course for public speaking is a comprehensive look at the challenges of giving successful presentations





Prepare the speech

  • Prepare the background prior to the presentation (objectives, opinions, feelings, facts, arguments for and against ...)
  • Preparation on the communication required (posture, position, involvement, voice, visuals ...), how to convince
  • Discover the 6 types of communication plans available (hooks, arguments, conclusions)
  • Analyse own communication weaknesses (tendency to talk too much, talk abstract, managing time ...)
  • Gain awareness of your ability to influence others
  • Identify issues of oral intervention
  • Be prepared (plan, support equipment).


Speak in public

  • Discover own strengths and weaknesses in terms of verbal communication
  • Identify generators of stress during presentations
  • Manage stress, overcome stage fright, be truly present to generate a positive mood
  • Define the purpose of the speech and reach it ; intentionality or “what do you expect them to do next ?”
  • Learn strategies for managing interruptions
  • Manage external difficulties (bad faith, trick questions, objection handling, attack ...)
  • Prepare for problems (critical objection, destabilization, benevolence and manipulation)
  • Learn how to conduct a round table, respond to criticism, to argue for and against, to obtain the support from the debater
  • Welcome the audience with poise and empathy
  • Determine the scope of the presentation, use time management effectively
  • Involve the audience by asking questions
  • Incorporating humour, anecdotes, examples and metaphors
  • Emerge as speaker who engages with the audience.


Convince your target audience

  • Learn five proven methods on choosing the appropriate arguments to convince and persuade others
  • Identify issues related to emotional responses to help with persuasion
  • Find the right words and language appropriate to the audience and context
  • Discover effective techniques of Milton Erickson to convince and persuade
  • Learn to distinguish influence manipulation, and influencing with Integrity



About the training

Audience : Any person (manager, employee) whose professional activities led him regularly to speak in public and have to convince
Duration : 3 days, 21hours training
Location & Date : Teams training sessions : in company - date according to your requirements
Individuals training sessions : in our place - contact us for date
Active learning : This rich and lively course, like all our courses, emphasizes active learning. It is based on strong interactivity and overviews. Each trainee will have the opportunity to experience himself through many role plays and inter personal exchanges.
During this course, the video is used systematically and gives rise to a custom analysis all key stages.
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched, it is a medium used for training and as a tool for post-training work.