Manage a team lead a group - Training in Bangkok area


Course aim

Mobilize, coordinate and improve teamwork within the same service group or across different business units . Gain the active participation of members of staff. How to achieve results with effective teamwork for staff through to senior management. How to create a group, manage a team, and motivate others. This course is highly participatory with it being a comprehensive look at the issues of teamwork.





Create a Team

  • Establish a framework for the individuals to work constructively as a group
  • Identify the profile of people interacting in the group
  • Use Ned Hermann's brain preferences to develop complementary skills
  • Develop group cohesion


Organize a team

  • Determine the scope of the relationship between the different members of the team
  • Identify NLP metaprograms involved in the relationships within the group
  • Clarify the role and responsibility of the leader within the team
  • Challenging the current operation to improve team innovation
  • Promote decision-making within the group
  • Establish appropriate and effective communication within the team
  • Maximize collective time for the team


Lead a team

  • Know the principles of group dynamics
  • Manage stress to encourage a positive atmosphere in the working group
  • Create a positive dynamic in the team through participation
  • Motivate employees by acting on their needs and aspirations
  • Identify the different forms of defensive mechanisms present in the team
  • Raise awareness of the team functions by improving communication
  • How to conduct brainstorming effectively


Coach a team

  • Determine the effective and detrimental styles of team management
  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses in terms of team leadership
  • Integrate values and management practices of the company
  • Understand the influence of personality on management and interpersonal skills.
  • Master the different negociation-trading strategies
  • Anticipate conflicts in the team
  • How to legitimize their role as leader
  • Manage change within the organization as the manager/coach



About the training

Audience : Managers responsible for a team, department, unit, project …
Duration : 3 days, 21 hours training
Location & Date : Teams training sessions : in company - date according to your requirements
Individuals training sessions : in our place - contact us for date
Active learning : This rich and lively course, like all our courses, emphasizes active learning. It is based on strong interactivity and overviews. Every trainee will have the opportunity to experience himself through many role plays and inter personal exchanges.
Educational literature : It is regularly updated and enriched; it is a medium used for training and as a tool for post-course work.